Mango Kush Muffin


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Similar to the other cannabis cakes offered by CannabisBakeHouse, Mango Kush Muffin prepared from 100% all-natural ingredients. It gives you a delicious taste, not anything less than what you anticipate from your favourite muffin—flavoured with a sensational tropical mango herb. The Mango Kush Muffin consists of a uniquely picked strain of Cannabis, chosen and prepared to be the perfect additive to this healthy muffin product. It is freshly baked and delivered to your house, and you need to make your online order now and enjoy your favourite Mango Kush Muffin.

The mango brings in a warm and tasty flavour. It tastes rejuvenates the resultant mixture to give it a perfect blend. The fruity flavour is mostly used to make the muffin more approachable, especially to people who do not like the taste of the cannabis compound. The fruit is prepared from the pulp without with no additives. The texture of the muffin is smooth, so is its taste. The procedure of creating this muffin at the Cannabis Bake House is above. Hygiene and proper measurements of ingredients are observed to match up to the required Cannabinoid levels.