Fast Buds – Rhino Ryder Automatic

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Bud Description

Big buds so resinous they resemble herbal ivory. Colas have been known to form in the shape of a Rhino horn. Highly recommend reefer raw material for cannabis concentrates. Thick and dense buds that have an impressive chunky appearance, boasting a wonderful fresh cinnamon and pear terp profile.

Smoke report

Her name is a clue to how powerful she is and what can be expected. Thanks to her THC levels of 20% and 1.2% CBD, this medical wonderplant is superb for relaxing the body, causing heavy fuzzy eyes, and the feeling of wanting to lie down and catch up on some needed sleep. A very physical effect that can be difficult to shake off, so be warned before this girl charges at you full steam ahead. Recommended for medical patients and those with a very high tolerance to the strongest of indica.

Plant Appearance

She will grow low with short internodal spacing, with short and fat fan leaves. The height will range between 60-100cm once fully flowered, and during this time will produce a large number of fat, golf ball sized buds. Thanks to her indica influence, the plants will take on a bushy Christmas tree structure that will surround the lower plants with side branches and foliage. She is perfect for keeping low, and those with concerns over head height. Her main stem will be thick and she will be extremely wind resistant, due to her low and bushy structure. She will begin to turn white with an intense build up of trichomes and produce resin rails all over the fan leaves and surrounding plant material.

Grow Tips

Rhino Ryder Auto can be grown in cold and wet climates and finish with hard, frosty buds. A very tough hybrid that is ideal for anyone experiences challenging climates.

It is possible to grow her with no worry about mold or mildew early and late into the year. Once flowering begins, we advise feeding her a strong nutrient solution to help her on her way to massive yields. Thanks to a rapid flowering time, this girl can be planted outdoors with excellent results all year round in sunny climates. Planting closely together in a Sea of Green will allow you to maximise yields, as this autoflowering hybrid grows extremely uniform.


The flavors are earthy, peppery, cinnamon with fruity pear overtones that transcend into a smooth floral edge. A very soft and enjoyable taste that will have you sprawled out on the couch licking your lips, wanting more and more.