Dinafem – Strawberry Amnesia

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Strawberry Amnesia plants are, like lions, highly territorial living beings. What does this mean? Well, she loves taking up a lot of space, the more space the better, and, once she’s conquered the area around her, it’s impossible to take it away from her. Not satisfied with this, she claims that territory by unleashing her aroma and so by letting everyone around know she’s somewhere near without even having to see her.

How is this wild animal tamed? If you’re growing indoors, we recommend keeping a close eye on her growth before it’s too late. For doing so, there are several things you can do. For instance, you can shorten her vegetative cycle, reducing it to a maximum of three weeks. This way, you’ll prevent Strawberry Amnesia from turning into a tree. Another option is the use of trimming techniques aimed at making her a bit smaller. And, last but not least, you can bend the longest branches using strings to tie them to your grow tent’s edges. When it comes to her pronounced scent, if you want to avoid perfuming the whole neighbourhood, you’d better set up some quality filters capable of neutralizing it.

Another important thing worth bearing in mind is that, like all lions, she has a hearty appetite. She won’t be satisfied with the same diet as her mates and so an extra ration of nutrients is sure to be necessary for her to show her full potential. Should you meet all her space and food requirements, this plant will turn into a real cannabis queen in less than 70 days of flowering, a moment in which she’ll celebrate her triumph giving away some marvelous festive flowers.