Dinafem – Shark Attack

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Shark Attack is very easy to grow. Almost any kind of grower, regardless of their experience and expertise, could make the most out of her. Shark Attack is not particularly greedy, so a standard diet should do. Her compact size makes it unnecessary to monitor her growth and to use any trellising or staking to support the weight of her buds during the flowering. And this is quite an accomplishment if we remember her impressive yields: each plant could produce up to 1 kg of buds outdoors. Another great asset of Shark Attack is her fast flowering, lasting no more than 55 days.

Her Achilles’ heel is moisture. The density of Shark Attack could turn this plant into a paradise for fungi, which love wandering around in humid conditions. Indica plants come from dry and hot regions such as Afghanistan. That’s where their morphology comes from. Their thick and stumpy structure, with wide leaves, is ready to make the most of the little water they receive. The issue here is that, in other environments, this strength becomes a weakness. That’s why, at the end of the flowering phase, particularly if we’re growing outdoors in a humid climate, we have to be careful with the appearance of fungi such as botrytis.

If you’re indeed cultivating in the open air, we recommend harvesting before the first half of October in the northern hemisphere, and in March in the southern hemisphere. But, if there’ve been heavy rains before that time, you’ve no choice but to keep a close eye on her.