Dinafem – Santa Sativa

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One of the greatest assets of Santa Sativa is that, due to her vigour, she’s super easy to grow. The only thing that could complicate things a bit, especially if we’re growing indoors, is all the space she needs. We could say she has the same growing needs than Moby Dick. They both have to be provided with lots of space, light and, above all, fertilizers if we want their needs to be met. In exchange for that, these greedy plants will reward our generosity with plenty of potent nuggets. Therefore, don’t be tightfisted with this cannabis jewel, give her all the nutrients she needs and she’ll thank the efforts abundantly.

If you’re growing indoors, don’t forget that, as previously mentioned, Santa Sativa tends to stretch in excess trying to get as much light as possible. Should you want her to grow more moderately, we recommend limiting her vegetative phase to a maximum of three weeks. The good news is that her amazing growth always comes with an extreme vigour that makes it unnecessary to use stakes or other support methods during the flowering stage.

The only negative thing about Santa Sativa is her long flowering period. Outdoors, in dry, sunny, Mediterranean climates, the time to harvest arrives by late October/early November. Indoors, she’s generally rather fast ‘till the flowering kicks off, which is when she needs more time; some 70-80 days, to be more precise. Some growers even give her some extra days in order to improve the resin count.