Dinafem – OG Kush CBD

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OG Kush CBD doesn’t require much attention. In fact, just by meeting her basic needs, this Californian champion will show us her best. On top of that, she’s suitable for growers of all levels, including those who have just started cultivating. Without having to devote much time and effort to her growing process, she’ll deliver plenty of thick and perfumed buds. For therapeutic use, we recommend using organic techniques. In no case should we forget that everything we provide the plant with will go straight to our organism. That’s why we’d better use organic fertilisers and not chemical products.

Thanks to the meticulous breeding process carried out by our breeders, this strain guarantees a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, sometimes reaching ratios of 1:2 depending on the phenotype and the growing conditions.

Given her structure, more open and aerated than her sister’s, this plant is suitable for humid climates with short summers for she’s more resistant to moisture and pests. This vigorous cannabis gem is happy to receive a more generous fertilizing than indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions for use because, despite not being the greediest in our catalogue, providing her with an above-the-average intake will help her show her full potential.