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Moby Dick CBD is extremely vigorous and resistant to plagues, which is why she’s so suitable for novice growers who want to obtain great crops in exchange for very little effort. Her Sativa status makes her unbeatable against moisture. Her thin leaves and ample distance between nodes improve perspiration too, reducing the likelihood of scary fungi such as botrytis. Moby Dick CBD is a great option for cultivating outdoors in humid or cold climates. However, like any other cannabis plant, she thrives when provided with as many hours of sunlight as possible. So we recommend taking advantage of the hottest months of the year –between March and October in the northern hemisphere and between September and April in the southern hemisphere-.

When it comes to the best fertilizing schedule, like all her sisters, Moby Dick CBD is so greedy that a standard diet won’t be enough. Nonetheless, before you start overfeeding her, we recommend seeing what each plant asks for.

The most suitable pot size for Moby Dick CBD is between 7 and 10 litres. This is the standard measure for making the most out of her. With smaller pots, for example with 4-litre pots, her yield would be somewhat undermined.