Dinafem – Haze Auto CBD

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This strain was conceived for amateur growers who wish to fill their pantries with a good deal of cannabidiol-rich buds. This DinaGirl is easy and grateful and, in exchange for a bit of attention and a slightly superior fertilisation rate (don’t overfeed her), she’ll grow vigorous producing bountiful Haze-scented crops. Perfectly grown outdoors, particularly in temperate climates, this cannabis wonder is just perfect for those lacking time because, in just 70 days from germination, she will be ready for harvest. We must be careful if we intend to grow on city balconies or terraces because this award-winning strain stretches a lot due to her Sativa dominance.

But otherwise, she grows like an autoflowering: fast, easily and giving her best when irrigated frequently but sparsely. A good trick in order to make the most out of her is to add 30% of coco coir to the substrate. This way, we’ll make sure the substrate is well aerated and so the metabolic processes of the plant will go faster, leading to better-quality end results. More flowers, cannabinoids and aromas.