Dinafem – Critical Mass CBD

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Critical Mass CBD is very easy to grow because she’s not only resistant to moisture but very undemanding as well. By irrigating and fertilizing on a regular basis, and by making sure the lighting conditions are just perfect, high-end results are more than guaranteed. For all those reasons, this strain is suitable for inexperienced growers who don’t want to run into problems during their first cultivation.

If you happen to have lots of space and time, you don’t have to make do with a standard yield, though. For doing so in the best possible way, we recommend using the following techniques:

SOG (Sea of Green): given the huge size of the buds produced by this strain, with this technique, you’ll be able to obtain many rich flowers. To that end, grow 100 plants in a square metre and focus on the main stem. Trim side branches and focus your efforts on the main cola of each of them. What’s the result? 100 giant and thick buds. That’s because all the energy has been concentrated on that sole flower.
SCROG: let’s guide her numerous branches on our whim. With the help of a mesh, we place the branches on a par with each other so that light can reach all buds equally. By opening and guiding the branches, low buds are at the same level as top buds, and so light is more evenly distributed and reaches each and every one of them. What’s the result? We’ll get homogeneous crops, with flowers of the same size and richness.