Dinafem – Critical Cheese Automatic

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Apart from incredibly vigorous, Critical Cheese Autoflowering is just perfect for those cultivators who don’t have much time available. In fact, her short life cycle (65-75 days) allows her to produce buds more than once in a year. Not being particularly resistant to moisture makes her more suited to warm, Mediterranean climates or greenhouses. However, due to her fast growth, which reduces every risk of being affected by plagues and diseases, she’s an outstanding choice for novice growers who are taking their first steps in this field.

She also thrives indoors, especially in confined spaces. For Critical Cheese Autoflowering to show all her potential, we recommend setting a 20/4 light cycle as well as adding 30 % of coco coir to the substrate mix in order to improve oxygenation. When it comes to the best irrigation time sequence, you’d better opt for a frequent but sparse schedule, always making sure you don’t leave any puddles of standing water on the substrate.