Dinafem – Critical + Automatic

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She can be grown in a really quick and easy manner, fair and square. Only 70 days and a standard diet are needed for her to finish her cycle and show her full potential. That’s why she’s so suitable for inexperienced growers. An incredibly grateful strain that grows super-fast and super-healthy without having to make any extra efforts. And that is possible because she showcases all the advantages autoflowering genetics offer: she’s programmed to flower after the third week, even when all the needs of the plant during the vegetative phase haven’t been met.

Having said this, now you see why we think she’s perfect to get rid of any fears inexperienced growers may have regarding cannabis cultivation. She grows almost without help and, if we do take care of her, she’ll offer heavier and better-quality yields We recommend, for example, adding 1/3 of coco coir to the substrate in order to improve aeration and accelerate all the metabolic processes of the plant.