Dinafem – Cheese XXL Automatic

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This strain has been of great help to amateur growers all over the world. Why? Because, thanks to her short life cycle and easy-to-grow properties, she’s the perfect choice for those who are taking their first steps in this world and want to make sure their pantries end up full of top-quality products.

From such a stable strain only homogeneous plants could come about; plants that are, in this case, not particularly resistant to fungi and don’t have to be overfed. That’s why, when using fertilisers, you’d better stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Like all Cheese genetics, this hybrid gives off a pungent cheesy aroma that needs monitoring. So setting up anti-odour systems when growing indoors is always a wise decision. If you decide to cultivate outdoors, remember she isn’t particularly discreet and maybe balconies or gardens are not the most suitable places. Her size and piercing aroma will make your neighbors become rather suspicious. She’s perfect for guerilla growing and for cultivating in remote areas.