Dinafem – Cheese CBD

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Cheese CBD is very easy to grow and, thanks to her Indica-Sativa balance, she adapts perfectly to both indoors and outdoors. Given her moderate and homogenous horizontal growth, indoor growers will be able to make the most of the available space. However, they shouldn’t underestimate her vertical growth. In fact, to keep that under control, we recommend bending the top of the plant with the help of a thread and tying it up to the bottom of a tent.

You must give serious consideration to the intense aroma of this strain, though. If you don’t want the entire neighbourhood to end up smelling of cured cheese, we suggest you buy some effective filters. Should you opt for outdoors, don’t forget that her dimensions and aroma could attract unwanted attention. And there’s no point in trying to hide her smell by cultivating other aromatic plants around your Cheese CBD because it won’t work. You’d better resign yourself to the fact that your garden will end up smelling like a French cheese factory.