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Bubba Kush CBD is very grateful marijuana plant. Suitable for novice and expert growers alike, thanks to her easy-to-grow properties. The CBD elite clone this incredible plant comes from reinforces her Bubba Kush traits: she makes her more resistant than the original Bubba Kush. And not only that. The Sativa morphology of this clone gives her a more open structure, making her even easier to grow. This also eliminates any need to trim the leaves in order to let light and air reach the main stem of the plant, as was the case with Bubba Kush. What we do recommend is that you keep an eye on her as she grows so as to make sure the phenotype doesn’t present more traits inherited from Bubba Kush than from the CBD clone. Should that happen, remove the leaves that prevent the penetration of light and the optimal aeration of the plant. As for the flowering time, it’s really short. Of some 55-60 days.