Chacruna 50g



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Chacruna grows in the warm and tropical regions of both hemispheres. It’s a low to tall shrub or small tree. Approximately 1,200 species have been described, of which Chacruna is the most commonly used.

Chacruna DOSAGE


25 grams is a low dose, 50 grams a medium and 75 grams a high dosage. Simmer on a low flame for 2 hours to create an infusion. Some people make a second infusion from the same plant material, then combine the two infusions and boil down to reach a more drinkable volume of tea.

A pack of chacruna contains 50 grams of dried leaves.



Principal active ingredients: The tryptamine alkaloid N, N-dimethyltryptamine, Beta-carbolines, and Phytosterols are also present.

Chacruna and Banisteriopsis caapi are the components of the ayahuasca brew used by the Santo Daime church in Brazil, Europe and North America.



Do not use if pregnant or nursing, or if psychotic or severely depressed. Avoid driving under its influence. Do not combine with alcohol or other psychoactive substances. Store in a cool, dry place. Not suitable for minors.